City of Subiaco - Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Subiaco Oval
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Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Subiaco Oval
Wednesday 27 February 2019

A new sporting history and cultural space at Subiaco Oval is being championed by the City of Subiaco.

The City of Subiaco wants the State Government to include an innovative cultural space in its plans for the redevelopment of Subi East – a place that’s not only an asset for locals, but a must-see destination for visitors from across the state and beyond.

Subiaco Mayor Penny Taylor said Subiaco Oval was at the centre of a major urban redevelopment requiring once-in-a-lifetime choices to be made about how best to respect and celebrate the history, heritage and culture of this very special place.

“Subiaco Oval is a sporting icon – it is hallowed turf and an iconic part of Perth’s culture that has been a place of great memories for so many people for more than 100 years.

“This is an exciting time for Subiaco, a time of reinvention and revitalisation. Rather than losing or compromising all that Subiaco Oval means, we have an opportunity to celebrate it,” she said.

The proposed space would bring together Western Australian heritage, sporting history and culture and the arts to create a unique visitor experience.

But what exactly might such a destination capture? How might our history, heritage and culture be represented and shared with future generations? Mayor Taylor said these are questions for both the Subiaco community and the broader Western Australian community.  

“I want to be sure that the State’s plans for Subi East allow Subiaco to continue as a premier visitor destination where you’re guaranteed to have a great experience,” Mayor Taylor said.

“The State Government’s commitment to public access to Subiaco Oval is going to be a drawcard for footy lovers across the state. There should be something at Subiaco Oval that celebrates our love of football and its cultural contribution.

“Connecting people with sport, culture, the arts and history creates a sense of belonging and unites a community,” she said.

“Done right, and done beautifully, we will continue to have a unique destination that builds a sense of community, creates jobs, and brings people together to celebrate and share.”

Subiaco Cultural Space - download the talking document.

Subi East Vision Concept – have your say 
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