City of Subiaco - Safety warning – hidden dangers of attaching items around your home
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Safety warning – hidden dangers of attaching items around your home
Monday 7 January 2019

State government entities Building & Energy and Consumer Protection have recently released an important safety warning alerting consumers to the risks of attaching leisure equipment, such as hammocks, basketball hoops and shade equipment etc, to masonry structures which may not be designed to support such items. 

"Isolated brick piers, in particular, are primarily designed to carry vertical loads and should not be retrofitted with items that may pull or push the pier sideways or off-centre," Building Commissioner Saj Khan said.

"For example, a brick pier may be able to support loads coming from a roof or pergola, but may not necessarily handle a sideways force generated by the weight of a person using a hammock."

Mr Khan urged caution about how and where such equipment was installed, and advised consumers to seek expert advice from a registered builder, structural engineer, building surveyor or other qualified professional.

"If in doubt, don't risk it," he said.

For more information, see the Building & Energy or Consumer Protection websites (via or the Product Safety Australia website, where you will find details on standards and recalls, as well as tips and advice on holiday activities as part of the Safe Summer campaign.