City of Subiaco - Junior council says two dogs enough – a mock vote by Subi Kids Crew
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Junior council says two dogs enough – a mock vote by Subi Kids Crew
Tuesday 15 January 2019

Late last year, eight members of the Subi Kids Crew (SKC) acted as council for a day to learn the role of local government and the responsibilities of councillors, the mayor and the chief executive officer.

Mayor Penny Taylor met with the crew and told them what her responsibilities were as a representative of the people.

“I go to lots of meetings with different people, talk about issues and help to make decisions which affect the community,” she said.

 The city’s CEO Rochelle Lavery also spoke to the kids about the rules which council has to abide by.

With a better understanding of the role of council, the junior councillors took their seats in the chamber alongside the mayor, deputy mayor and CEO to discuss a proposal to change the local dog ownership law from two dogs to four.

Junior Councillor Rose was against the motion as she believed there was a chance of dogs escaping and two dogs should be more than enough to satisfy a family living in Subiaco.

Junior Councillor Milan offered an alternative, suggesting that four dogs was too many but three might be a good option.

Junior Councillor Madeleine said having lots of dogs could help to reduce anxiety and make people happy.
Councillors submitted their votes and all heads were raised high as the results were tallied on the big screen. The motion was defeated and the local dog law would remain the same.

With robust, considered and healthy debate, City of Subiaco residents are in good hands with future leaders like these. 

About Subi Kids Crew

The Subi Kids Crew is a unique opportunity for motivated children aged seven to eleven, who live or study in the City of Subiaco. The crew meet four times a year and are given opportunities to develop leadership, ambassadorial and interpersonal skills and learn about civic affairs.

There are currently eight SKC members and applications are now open for new members wishing to join in 2019. To find out more about the kids crew or to join, visit our website.

Image: Deputy Mayor, Judith Gedero with Junior Councillor Milan, deciding on the motion181122-Subi-Kids-Crew-Meet-the-Mayor,-Deputy-Mayor-and-CEO-event-(19).JPG
Image: Junior councillors Lillian, Lewi, Natalie and Claire voting on the motion

Image: Junior councillors Milan, Madeleine, Haning and Rose with Deputy Mayor Judith Gedero
Image: The Subi Kids Crew junior council - Lillian, Lewi, Natalie, Claire, Milan, Madeleine, Haning, Rose