City of Subiaco - Community turns out to ask questions about LPS 5
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Community turns out to ask questions about LPS 5
Thursday 31 January 2019

A Special Council Meeting was held last night to provide information about the draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS 5) and draft Local Planning Strategy.

Download the presentation slides from the meeting. (PDF, 3.4MB)
The information below is intended to provide clarification on some of the questions and statements received from the community at the meeting. The useful links at the bottom of the page provide information about how we got here.
Dwelling targets to 2050 and beyond – The WAPC-advertised scheme proposed 9000 new dwellings for the City of Subiaco. This did not include additional dwellings in Subiaco East (Subiaco Oval, PMH and surrounding area) as the redevelopment of the precinct was not finalised.
The city has reduced the numbers in the modified LPS 5 after clear direction from the community which informed an outcomes-based approach to plan for appropriate density in targeted areas. 
Under the modified scheme, the city is proposing 5600 new dwellings in the City of Subiaco scheme area by the year 2050 – which is 3400 fewer than the WAPC plan.  
In addition, the Subi East area has been identified as a suitable location to accommodate higher density, from both the public submissions and by state planning agencies. Subi East will house up to 2900 new dwellings by 2050. Specific planning controls for Subi East will be prepared by State Government in the coming months. This takes the total future dwellings in the City of Subiaco local government area to 8500.
What does R-AC0 zoning mean? R-AC0 codes refer to development requirements in activity centres. The Subiaco Activity Centre Plan (SACP) applies to the Subiaco Town Centre, and was adopted by Council in September 2016 and endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission in November 2017. The draft LPS5 implements the SACP into the scheme and does not propose any changes to the approved SACP. You can find the Subiaco Activity Centre Plan here.
Infrastructure requirements – An increase in future dwellings means extra pressure on infrastructure like roads, drainage, sewerage and water supply, as well as the transport system and schools. That’s why the city sought feedback from public agencies and utilities including Water Corporation, Western Power, Main Roads WA, the Public Transport Authority and the Department of Education during the public consultation period, all of which indicated no concerns about providing services for the proposed increase in density. New developments can provide an opportunity to upgrade existing infrastructure.  
Green space – Our urban forest is incredibly important to the City of Subiaco. The modified planning documents seek to protect and, in some places, increase the amount of green space including green spines, leafy streets and public parks and reserves.
Public consultation – The proposed modifications are based on community feedback. Should Council resolve to adopt the modified LPS 5, it may then consider advertising the modifications.
Nedlands decision – Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has released a decision compelling the City of Nedlands to make modifications to its draft LPS and return it to her for final approval. Read the ministerial media statement here.
What happens next
Council will consider the scheme and strategy at a Special Council Meeting on Thursday 7 February. The agenda for this meeting contains detailed information on the proposed modifications to the scheme and strategy and the public consultation process.
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