City of Subiaco - Rokeby Road South – how you want to see it grow
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Rokeby Road South – how you want to see it grow
Friday 7 December 2018

Representatives from the community have been working with the city on a collaborative approach to planning for Rokeby Road South.
More than fifty local community members, landowners and business owners recently shared their ideas during a four day urban design forum.
The aim of the forum was to better understand the intrinsic character of Rokeby Road South – what locals love about the area - to inform a future planning framework.
At the forum, attendees identified what they value about the strip, pointed out opportunities for improvement and shared ideas about how Rokeby Road South might look into the future.
Through this process, participants identified that, if there is to be new development, it should not affect the street corners and existing pockets of activity that people love; and should be encouraged in the areas that need improvement.
The community said that new development must be well-designed, with active frontages on the ground floor, excellent access to sunlight and ventilation and a feeling of openness to the sky.
The new planning framework should establish a local residential population by providing accommodation for a diverse group of people, support interesting business opportunities and include requirements for sustainable building design.

The Western Australian Planning Commission has acknowledged the city’s work in respect to Scheme Amendment 35 and draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5, and has encouraged the city to continue its positive community engagement processes as it plans for Rokeby Road South and the wider precinct.

The invaluable feedback from this forum will be used to develop a planning framework that will guide the future development of the area so that it aligns with community expectations and the State Government’s Strategic Planning Framework. The city would like to thank all participants for sharing their time and ideas to help improve Subiaco.

Early next year, the city will invite the community to provide feedback on the draft planning framework. For more information visit