City of Subiaco - Mixed community views on ward and representation
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Mixed community views on ward and representation
Tuesday 4 December 2018

Council is reconsidering options in its review of ward boundaries and councillor representation, after no definitive outcome was reached through the public consultation process.

A wide range of community views were received and while the most popular option was a three ward system with an increase to twelve councillors (36%), a higher number of respondents (55%) supported options for a reduction in councillor numbers.

In its decision making, council is required to consider community feedback along with economic, physical and demographic trends and best-practice representation ratios.

At the 27 November council meeting two options were put forward but were not supported; a four ward structure with eight elected members and a three ward structure with twelve elected members.

A local government with a ward structure must achieve a balanced ratio of councillors to electors across all wards. In the current structure, electors in the north and central wards are underrepresented and those in the south ward are overrepresented. Overall, the ratio of councillors to electors in the City of Subiaco is significantly higher when compared with other similar metropolitan local governments.

The city is required to submit a proposal to the Local Government Advisory Board before 31 January 2019. Council will now consider two options raised by Elected Members at its 11 December council meeting. For more information, download the council meeting agenda