City of Subiaco - Annual Electors’ Meeting
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Annual Electors’ Meeting
Thursday 6 December 2018

The City of Subiaco held its Annual Electors’ Meeting last week, attended by 100 residents, ratepayers and landowners.

Attendees were invited to ask questions of the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer. Questions put forward related to topics including rates, infrastructure, Lords Recreation Centre, draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 and council transparency.

Local governments are required to hold a general meeting of electors once every financial year, in accordance with the Local Government Act. The purpose of the meeting is to consider the contents of the Annual Report and to raise other general business.

Electors have the opportunity to present ‘motions’ or proposals for the city to consider, which meeting attendees are invited to vote on.

Proposals supported by a majority of those who vote are deemed decisions of the meeting. While these decisions are not binding, they must be considered by council.

Six elector motions were received at this year’s Annual Electors’ Meeting. These will be considered by council at its 12 February 2019 meeting. The minutes of the meeting will be available on the city’s website soon.