City of Subiaco - National Recycling Week
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National Recycling Week
Wednesday 14 November 2018

The city and the Western Metropolitan Regional Council are hosting a number of National Recycling Week events and initiatives to help City of Subiaco residents better understand recycling.  

Free e-waste drop off day

Recycle your e-waste at the City of Subiaco Waste Depot, 2 Upham Street, Subiaco. Drop off your old TVs, DVD players, printers, laptops, monitors, computers and any other computer parts you have lying around.

Saturday 17 November, 10am to 4pm. Find out more.

Get your Rs into gear – free waste education library talk

Sort through common household waste items and discuss which bins to use and where the items will end up. You'll take a virtual deep dive into a wheelie bin to get your burning questions answered and one lucky participant will win a low waste kit.

Thursday 22 November, 6pm to 8pm. Register here.

Recycle right

Did you know you can recycling batteries, mobile phones, light bulbs and printer cartridges at Subiaco Library and Lords Recreation Centre anytime?

There are also a number of items that City of Subiaco residents can drop off for free at the West Metro Recycling Centre:

  • cardboard
  • clothing
  • e-waste
  • household and car batteries
  • gas bottles
  • scrap metal
  • household paint, chemicals, aeorosls.

Not in your yellow bin

There have been a few changes when it comes to recycling. The following items cannot be recycled in your yellow-topped bin. See below for alternative options to reduce, reuse and recycle these items.

Soft scrunchable plastics

Plastic bags, cling wrap, bubble wrap, lolly wrappers, chip packets, cereal bags and other soft, scrunchable plastics get mixed up with bales of paper and cardboard at the recycling facilities, making them hard to sell. Please take all soft plastics to REDcycle bins in major supermarkets.

Aerosol cans

Aerosals can no longer be recycled in your yellow-topped bin. Please take aerosols to the West Metro Recycling Centre in Shenton Park.

Meat trays

Due to contamination of meat trays and the mixture of materials used to make them, these should be placed in your general waste bin. Consider buying your meat from a butcher where purchases are wrapped in paper or try taking your own reusable container. 


Polystyrene is light and bulky, making it uneconomical to transport overseas for recycling. Please place in your red-topped bin.

Coffee cups

Take-away coffee cups and lids are unable to be recycled. Try to avoid single-use and bring your own reusable cup or dine in.  

In your yellow bin

If you’ve already been recycling right – thanks and congratulations! The following items should be placed in your yellow-topped recycling bin clean, dry, loose and if applicable, lids removed:

  • aluminium cans
  • paper and cardboard (not shredded paper) 
  • clean plastic bottles, tubs and containers
  • steel cans
  • glass bottles and jars.

Find out more about state-wide changes to recycling at the Western Metropolitan Regional Council website.