City of Subiaco - Findings from LPS5 community consultation
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Findings from LPS5 community consultation
Friday 9 November 2018

The City of Subiaco has analysed more than 1000 comments on draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 and draft Local Planning Strategy. Many detailed, well-thought out and meaningful comments were provided and a number of key themes have been identified from the submissions. Here are the main issues raised by the community during the consultation period.
The feel of our streets
Many in the community value the single residential character of some neighbourhoods and want to see this protected from inappropriate development.
Heritage is valued and the community would like to see heritage buildings and heritage areas protected.
The community does not support the ‘blanket’ density increases as proposed by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). However, additional density is generally considered acceptable in places where it has less impact on character areas and where there are suitable services and transport options to support a growing population.
Services to support population growth
The community raised concerns about the impact additional population will have on traffic, parking and access to community services like schools, water, electricity supply and medical facilities.
Good design and development
Many residents raised concerns about the impact of new development on existing homes and neighbourhoods. Residents would like to see issues around overshadowing, visual privacy, loss of trees and the green, leafy feel of the area addressed by the scheme and strategy.
The City of Subiaco is now working within the requirements of the statutory process to determine the best way forward for both the scheme and the strategy. Council must make a resolution by 15 February 2019. The council resolution, along with every public submission will be forwarded to the WAPC for consideration.
The WAPC will consider community feedback, council’s position and the planning merits of both documents when making its own recommendation to the Minister for Planning for LPS5, and when considering the draft strategy.  
To help you understand where we are at in the planning process for LPS5 and the strategy, the city has prepared a detailed timeline. We will continue to keep you informed throughout the process. For the latest updates, visit