City of Subiaco - A day in the life of an Environmental Health Officer
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A day in the life of an Environmental Health Officer
Wednesday 21 November 2018

The City of Subiaco’s environmental health team has been awarded for demonstrating outstanding service to the community and city at the Environmental Health Australia Conference, held earlier this month.

The Subiaco team, which is made up of Environmental Health Officers (formerly known as Health Inspectors), took out the inaugural Team Award as judged by industry peers.

The city’s Environmental Health Officers work to improve the health and wellbeing of the community by upholding safe standards of food supply, water quality, housing conditions and external hazards like noise, air and environment pollutants that may impact public health.

Officers also help manage disease by carrying out investigations in response to food-borne illness outbreaks, infectious disease and vector-borne viruses (caused by parasites).   
The work of an Environmental Health Officer is interesting and varied. In any one day an officer may take food samples for testing, respond to a report of a sewerage spill, carry out a risk assessment for a public event and finish the day by heading to a bar….not for a drink but to assess that the safety of the venue.
You might find Health Officers at local football training facilities ensuring the ice baths are cold enough and the water quality is sufficient; at your local café making sure the food served is safe and the premises clean; setting mosquito traps to control the spread of virus; or at a community event ensuring processes are in place to respond to an emergency.