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LPS5: State supports Subi approach
Friday 19 October 2018

The State Government has once again confirmed it is willing to work with the city’s suggestions on LPS5 to get a scheme and strategy that aligns with the community’s expectations and meets the needs of a growing population.

The Chairman of the Western Australian Planning Commission, Mr David Caddy yesterday met with the Mayor, CEO, Councillors and executives to discuss the LPS5 process and the reasons behind the WAPC modifications to the City’s original scheme. 

On separate occasions earlier this month, the Mayor and CEO met with the Minister for Planning, Rita Saffioti and the Leader of the Opposition, Mike Nahan to share the concerns of the community and continue a collaborative approach to the LPS5 process.

Mayor Penny Taylor said there was bipartisan support for the work council was doing on LPS5 and the Local Planning Strategy.

“Council is doing everything it can to put its best foot forward to get a scheme that’s right for our community,” Mayor Taylor said.

“Mr Caddy’s visit to Subiaco last night was an opportunity for the city to learn more about our options in moving forward with the LPS5 process, to understand the reasoning behind the WAPC modifications and clarify a number of issues and concerns around LPS5.

“There is absolutely no question that Subiaco does not support the current WAPC proposal for draft LPS5.

“The Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Chairman of the WAPC have acknowledged the need to get density in the right areas, preserve Subiaco’s amenity and ensure new developments have good design outcomes.

“The State has invited the City of Subiaco to work with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage to complete the LPS5 process and make the scheme an example of best practice planning for a high amenity, established and diverse inner-city area,” she said.

“Many in the community are asking us to get on with the LPS5 process promptly and responsibly so that residents have certainty about their neighbourhoods and the future of their city.”

Following the community response during public consultation, the city applied for a time extension, to workshop possible solutions and responses to the concerns raised in submissions. The WAPC has given the city until 15 February 2019 to prepare a response.

“What council needs to decide on is whether it will hand the whole process back to the State Government and let them decide what’s best for us – without our involvement, or we can decide to use our knowledge of our streets and the input from our residents in over 1000 submissions, to design a great scheme for our Subiaco,” Mayor Taylor said.

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Mayor Penny Taylor with Mr David CaddyChairman of the Western Australian Planning Commission


CEO Rochelle Lavery, Mayor Penny Taylor and Hon Dr Mike Nahan MLA, Leader of the Opposition


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