City of Subiaco - Subiaco Activity Centre Plan approved
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Subiaco Activity Centre Plan approved
Monday 15 January 2018

Last November the city’s Subiaco Activity Centre Plan was formally approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission. The Plan sets out a vision for the town centre, and defines acceptable residential densities, building heights, setbacks and land uses for the area.

The plan protects the city’s heritage and character by retaining the street façade of Rokeby Road. In other areas of the town centre, the plan uses mostly four to six-storey buildings that have activated street frontages to develop a diverse and vibrant town centre to meet the changing needs of a growing population.

The objectives of the plan are:

  • an active, vibrant and diverse town centre
  • a renewed focus for the economy and development
  • sustainable urbanism that protects Subiaco’s heritage
  • a strong network of high quality public spaces
  • a prioritised and sustainable transport network. 

The Subiaco Activity Centre Plan has been in development since 2012, guided by community consultation. To view the plan visit, or download it here.