City of Subiaco - Electors’ proposals considered at January council meeting
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Electors’ proposals considered at January council meeting
Tuesday 30 January 2018

A new civil litigation policy could be on the way after Council considered proposals put forward at the Annual Electors’ Meeting in December 2017.

Residents and ratepayers were given the opportunity to raise motions for council consideration. Motions were voted on by electors, and those that carried were presented with staff comment at last week’s Council Meeting.

Ten elector motions were considered for issues including policy-making, parking, trees and meeting procedures.

Council agreed to consider the merits of developing a policy covering civil litigation. Model litigant policies are designed to provide best practice guidelines for government agencies in civil litigation matters. The city is currently reviewing all of its policies and procedures and will now assess the merits of a Model Litigant policy as part of that process. Council noted that well-developed policy wording and regard for both the city and public interest were important in policy-making.

Elector motions were raised about permit parking on Hilda Street and Violet Grove in Shenton Park. In their discussions, Council acknowledged the ongoing frustration of residents and recognised the work currently underway by the city to resolve the matter. The city recently wrote to residents of both streets to find out which parking options they thought would work best on their street. These outcomes will help determine the most suitable approach in addressing residents’ concerns. A review of the city’s parking permit policy is also in progress and will be completed early this year.

A motion requesting council to plant indigenous tree species was also considered at the meeting. Council resolved to continue planting a diverse range of native and exotic trees within the city. The city aims to protect and preserve its urban forest with a systematic approach to selecting, planting and maintaining street trees. Find out more by reading the Street Tree Policy.

Council received two motions regarding procedures for Council and Committee Meetings including the consideration of publishing audio recordings, and of publishing details of Elected Member motions and alternative recommendations. The city will continue to publish its meeting agendas and minutes in the current format as the official record in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

The minutes from the Ordinary Council Meeting of 23 January 2018 are available here.