City of Subiaco - Art deco inspired jewels a mystery - can you fill in the gaps?
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Art deco inspired jewels a mystery - can you fill in the gaps?
Friday 28 September 2018

jewels.jpgA local jeweller, who operated a jewellery store on Rokeby Road in the late 1930s, stepped out onto the street one day searching for inspiration. He looked up and saw the facade of the art deco designed Regal Theatre.

This unknown jeweller was believed to have made two stunning pieces of jewellery, a pedant and a broach, by taking inspiration from the theatre’s art deco facade. Both nine carat gold and with matching garnet stones, the jewels were designed soon after the theatre was built.

The Regal Theatre, an iconic building of Subiaco, was inspired by the design movement which first appeared in France just before World War I. Art deco influenced the design of many buildings, furniture, jewellery, fashion and theatres in Australia and across the world.

Both pieces of jewellery are on loan from Subiaco Antiques and Fine Jewellery and are now on display at the Subiaco Museum as part of the Cinema Subiaco: 1904-1954 exhibition which runs until November 3.

Subiaco museum is looking for further information on these two pieces and is asking for help from the local community. It is known that two local jewellers operated near the theatre on Rokeby Road in the late 1930s: J Nicholls and Son at 86 Rokeby Road, and Mr. Robert William and Mrs. Alice ‘Kitty’ Burns at 82 Rokeby Road.

If you have any further information regarding these two jewellers, or history on the jewels themselves, the museum would like to hear from you. Contact Subiaco Museum on or visit the museum to see the jewels on display.