City of Subiaco - ​Changes to how you dispose of aerosols
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​Changes to how you dispose of aerosols
Thursday 13 September 2018

We acknowledge that doing the right thing when it comes to waste and recycling can be challengin – because different councils have different rules.

To make it easier, the three major operators who collect household waste in Perth have decided to take a uniform approach, and have introduced some changes to what can be disposed of in your yellow-topped recycling bin. In Subiaco, the only change to previous advice given, is that aerosol cans can no longer be put in your yellow recycling bin.

Empty aerosol cans can be disposed of in your general waste bin. Aerosols which are partially full or contain content should are considered hazardous household waste and should be taken to the JRF (Jim) McGeough resource Recovery facility.

This information has been updated on the waste and recycling pages of the city’s website. Keep your eye on the city’s Facebook page, and website for the most up to date information.