City of Subiaco - Business spotlight: Dymocks Subiaco
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Business spotlight: Dymocks Subiaco
Monday 13 August 2018

The City of Subiaco would like to congratulate Tim Thomas of Dymocks Subiaco for winning the bookselling chain’s Chairman’s Award for Retail Excellence at the 2018 Dymocks national conference. The young businessman took over the embattled store 12 months ago after having worked in the store for the previous owners.
The store has been recognised nationally for ‘outstanding customer feedback, community outreach and continued sales growth’.
Mr Thomas told the City of Subiaco that in addition to his staff’s product knowledge and customer service skills, local engagement was central to the store’s recent success.
“The Subiaco community has been an essential part of the store’s recovery,” Mr Thomas said.
“By supporting and being part of the local community, by engaging with our customers and community groups, we have been able to rebuild the bonds and friendships that once made the Subiaco Dymocks an amazing store.”
Mr Thomas identified accessibility and a lack of family/children focussed destinations and activities as challenges for the area, but acknowledged that progress in these areas is being made.
“Our prime strategy, after getting the store operational again, was going back out into the community and renewing old partnerships and forging new ones,” he said.

“We are part of the community that supports us.”