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Two new heritage areas
Wednesday 1 August 2018

Council has approved two new heritage areas following extensive research and support from many home owners and local residents.

The new heritage areas include some houses along Hamersley Road, Sadlier Street and Redfern Street in west Subiaco.

Since 2015, the city has been working with expert consultants and the local community to assess local streetscapes and identify possible heritage areas. A Preliminary Heritage Assessment identified eight potential heritage areas around the Shenton Park and Daglish train station precincts.

The city carried out surveys, held information sessions, and provided one-on-one planning advice to local home owners and residents to get an understanding of their thoughts and opinions about heritage, density and future development of their immediate area.

Results from the community consultation showed that many home owners in the proposed heritage areas, and residents/businesses on adjacent streets, supported the change in order to protect the heritage value and character of the area and to protect their streetscapes against high density development. While Heritage Area controls do not change density, they do provide certainty that any new developments will only be supported if they are sympathetic to the existing built form and character of the heritage area. 

The new heritage area controls mean home owners have certainty on how they can develop their homes, and give residents a clear understanding of what can be built next door. 

The consultation also highlighted concerns from some residents that high density development adjacent to heritage areas, like those proposed in draft LPS5, could affect the value of properties in a heritage area.

This feedback, along with the submissions received on draft LPS5, will help inform council’s consideration of the densities proposed in draft LPS5.

Council will consider an additional heritage area proposed along Lawler Street at its upcoming meeting on 28 August. 

Decisions from the recent council meeting can be found in the council minutes at