City of Subiaco - Something new for Shenton Park Shopping Village
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Something new for Shenton Park Shopping Village
Thursday 2 August 2018

Do you walk or cycle to Shenton Village IGA? Locals can look forward to some exciting changes at Shenton Village Shopping Centre including new bike racks, an expanded fresh food section, alfresco seating and improved drop-off arrangements for parents and kids attending the Silhouette Dance Studio.
The development application, approved by council on Tuesday night, shows how the land owner and business owner worked together to improve the safety and amenity of the shopping centre.
Changes will be introduced to the shopping centre’s entry point off Onslow Road, to improve pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle access. With a focus on end-of-trip facilities for staff and bike racks to encourage alternate modes of transport, the changes to the shopping village will create an accessible and safe shopping option for Shenton Park residents.

Decisions from the recent council meeting can be found in the council minutes at