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A youth perspective on council meetings
Friday 6 July 2018

This article has been written and prepared by Caitlin Brice and May Yan from Subiaco Voice of Youth.
Members of the Subiaco Voice of Youth (SVY) recently attended the city’s Ordinary Council Meeting held in Council Chambers on Tuesday 26 June. The SVY is a group of young people, aged twelve to twenty-five, who are interested in issues facing young people in the local and broader community.

Following the formalities of opening the meeting, a public statement about a proposed development was read out. The presiding member, Mayor Penny Taylor, then welcomed the SVY to the meeting and generously thanked them for their contribution as volunteers to the community. Items on the meeting agenda included committee and city employee reports to the council which required discussion and approval, as well as elected members’ motions to be considered. A large portion of the meeting was spent discussing an urgent elected member’s motion regarding the draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5).

The experience was highly informative and very interesting and it was intriguing to watch the council at work. We would encourage all members of the Subiaco community to take the opportunity to attend a council meeting as a way of becoming involved in the community and actively participating in the decisions that are made on their behalf.

Caitlin Brice, SVY President

The SVY attended the recent council meeting to gain insight into the way the council operates and how decisions are reached. This was a very valuable experience for the SVY as it gave us an understanding of how the city functions and we learned about council meeting processes, which could inform the way SVY runs its own meetings. I found it very interesting to see what sort of topics and issues are discussed at the meetings and the process the council goes through to reach decisions on these topics. It was fascinating to learn of the processes involved in a council meeting, the role the public plays in these meetings and how residents can present their questions or statements to the council on a particular issue they’ve encountered.

May Yan, SVY Member

Attending the City of Subiaco’s Ordinary Council Meeting provided an invaluable opportunity to learn about what is currently going on in the city and what is in the pipeline.
I found it insightful observing the processes that take place during the meeting. For example, what a member of the public is required to do if they wish to make a public statement or ask a public question at the meeting (an official process is detailed on the city’s website – impromptu statements/questions are not accepted, contrary to what some people may believe!).
Finally, as a member of the public attending, it was highly informative and interesting, as well as relaxing, simply observing the council at work, whilst following the meeting agenda. Overall, the experience was not as daunting as I had originally thought it would be, and I felt very welcomed as an attendee (all members of the public are eligible to attend). I would highly recommend anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the city’s current and future areas of focus, to attend an upcoming council meeting.

About Subiaco Voice of Youth (SVY)

SVY meets bi-monthly to discuss and organise events and initiatives for young people in Subiaco. Being part of the SVY is about being part of a dedicated group of young citizens that want to do what they can to make a difference. 
If you’re interested in finding out more about the Subi Voice of Youth and their upcoming events, visit the city’s youth page or the Subi Voice of Youth Facebook page . For further information contact the Community Development Officer – Youth, Children & Families on 9237 9216 or

Pictured: SVY members Caitlin Brice, May Yan, Yitong Li and Kalan Ralph.