City of Subiaco - Putting the jewel back in Lake Jualbup
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Putting the jewel back in Lake Jualbup
Friday 4 May 2018

Signifcant upgrade works to Lake Jualbup, undertaken to ensure the lake maintains a sustainable body of water, have been completed. The project has been several years in the making, and follows rigorous consultation with Aboriginal representatives, local residents, community stakeholders and consultants.
To address infiltration issues, the lake’s western wall has been replaced with a limestone-block wall and a natural clay liner has been installed to the section of the lake bed adjacent. The northern wall has also been replaced with a sloped embankment and there has been extensive planting within the water body, on the embankment
and in a newly mulched area. This will help reduce further erosion, provide habitat and grazing for wildlife, and improve the lake’s aesthetics.
As well as enhancing the lake’s ecological value, these works have increased its public amenity, ensuring Lake Jualbup and surrounds can be enjoyed by the community year-round. For more information, visit