City of Subiaco - Two-way could be on the way
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Two-way could be on the way
Wednesday 4 April 2018

The City of Subiaco is asking the State Government to contribute to a proposed plan to convert Hay Street and Roberts Road to two-way traffic, after Subiaco Council endorsed the project in principle, subject to funding. 

Council has authorised the Mayor and CEO to negotiate funding arrangements with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, the lead agency on the Subiaco East redevelopment.
Both roads pass through Subiaco East, the area that includes Subiaco Oval, Kitchener Park and the Princess Margaret Hospital site.

Mayor Penny Taylor said there was now greater priority for the two-way conversion with the new school at Kitchener Park scheduled to open in 2020 and a population increase of up to 6000 new residents over the next decade.

“The State Government decision to build a new school on Roberts Road will change the traffic dynamics of the area,” Mayor Taylor said.
“We’re going to see more people, more cars and more activity, and part of the job of local government is to make sure both local and wider implications are considered in State-run projects.
“It’s a two-way conversation,” she said.
Mayor Taylor explained that the proposal is also intended to support economic development.
“Two-way traffic can be a way to add vibrancy to the area and support our local businesses,” she said.
“When traffic travels in both directions it makes for a more welcoming destination.
“This has been a long-standing plan identified by the city and our community in our strategic planning, and now we need the traffic data and funding arrangements in place.
“Looking at how we would fund such a project is part of the considerations of whether it goes ahead.”
Any changes to the configuration of Hay Street and Roberts Road will involve community consultation.

The City of Perth also has plans to convert its portion of Hay Street to two-way traffic.