City of Subiaco - Depot relocation plans
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Depot relocation plans
Thursday 12 April 2018

Council has endorsed a plan to relocate the city’s depot operations from its current site at 2 Upham Street, Subiaco.

Technical staff and operational staff using light fleet, such as utility vehicles, will be moved to another city-owned site. The remainder of the city’s operations services including waste and recycling, and large plant and machinery, will be based at a leased site near Brockway Road in Shenton Park.
The relocation plan, which was endorsed at the 27 February 2018 council meeting, acknowledges the need to shift the city’s long-term depot operations, which include large vehicle movements and noise, away from residential areas.  
It is expected to take some 12 to 18 months before the current depot ceases operations. Ultimately, this will allow for the sale and redevelopment of the 2 Upham Street site.

Further details will be available as the project progresses.