City of Subiaco - Lake Jualbup update
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Lake Jualbup update
Tuesday 6 March 2018

The City of Subiaco is investigating the cause of recent wildlife deaths at Lake Jualbup together with the Parks and Wildlife Service, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.
CEO Don Burnett confirmed that the cause of the deaths has not yet been established and further testing is taking place.
“Interim results have indicated that there may be a chemical cause – either pesticide in the water or pollutants transferring through the oxidation of sediment.
“The chemical compounds identified – organophosphate and carbamate – are not types of pesticide used by the city.
“The city is working with government environmental agencies to analyse water samples, lake sediment and deceased wildlife. Some of these tests can take up to ten days to return results, and city staff are in constant contact with the relevant authorities,” Mr Burnett said.
“The city is seeking to resolve the situation as quickly as possible so that we can protect the wildlife and local environment.”   
A new contractor has been appointed to complete the construction works at the lake after former contractor BCL Group suspended trading. Civcon has mobilised on site and works recommenced today. The estimated completion date for the project is 12 April.
City staff will continue to monitor the lake and wildlife. Cautionary signage and fencing is in place.