City of Subiaco - Kitchener Park trees identified as significant
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Kitchener Park trees identified as significant
Tuesday 20 March 2018

Subiaco Council has taken a proactive step to protect 23 mature street trees near Kitchener Park by listing them on a Tree Preservation Order.
The weeping fig, maritime pine, Aleppo pine and sugar gum trees, located in Subiaco Road and Coghlan Road, have been assessed for their environmental, historical, social and economic significance. Nineteen of the trees are up to ninety years of age.
Mayor Penny Taylor said green spaces were highly valued by the Subiaco community and it was important that the trees were identified as significant in the Subi East redevelopment plans.
“These trees play a critical role in Subiaco’s urban forest, providing 75 per cent of the canopy coverage alongside the site of the school.
“The new school is a welcome addition to our community and the city is working with the State Government to ensure it will provide the best possible function and amenity,” she said.  
Stage one construction works for the new Inner City College are set to start this week and will necessitate the removal of twelve trees along the western side of the site (between the new school and Subiaco Oval) as well as three other mature trees. These trees are not listed on the preservation order.    
“With stage two plans for the school still to be finalised, it is hoped that the adoption of a Tree Preservation Order for the 23 trees will see them preserved in the final school plans,” Mayor Taylor said.
“By listing these trees on a preservation order, Council is flagging to the State Government our expectation that every effort to preserve the trees be considered when the new Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme comes into effect over the Subiaco Oval precinct,” she said.
The Department of Education has committed to planting 37 new trees as part of the school landscaping.
Council will also be seeking the recognition of the horticulture work of Mr A. E. Bruce MBE, curator of Subiaco parks and gardens from 1918 to 1925. Mr Bruce was responsible for establishing a nursery at Kitchener Park and arranged for the transfer of the first Australian seeds to be planted at Australian graves in Gallipoli.