City of Subiaco - Council news: 27 February meeting
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Council news: 27 February meeting
Friday 2 March 2018

Tree protection, council processes and a new contractor for Lake Jualbup were on the agenda at this week's council meeting. 

Protecting trees in Subiaco East

The City of Subiaco is serious about protecting its urban forest – the collection of green spaces, trees and other vegetation that grows within an urban area.
Council and community have identified potential risks to trees along Coghlan Road, Haydn Bunton Drive and Subiaco Road as part of the Subiaco East redevelopment. The city will be assessing the historical and environmental significance of these trees, with the intent to preserve and protect the city’s urban forest during the upcoming construction of the new school.

Policies and committees  

The 27 February council meeting included recommendations from the city’s Policy and Priority Committee, which helps develop council’s strategic direction and is reviewing all of the city’s policies.
Six recently reviewed governance policies were supported, and a new Council Election Caretaker policy was adopted. This policy provides guidance about council decisions during an election period. The next round of policies to be considered will relate to the city’s Technical Services area.     
The city’s council and committee structure changed in November last year, and all committee memberships and terms of reference have now been finalised. To help you understand the objective of each meeting, we’ve outlined the council and committee structure below.

  • Council meetings are held twice a month and are open to the public. Community members have the opportunity to ask questions and make statements.
  • The Executive Committee is made up of all twelve elected members and meets once a month in the Council Chambers. This committee advises council on strategic and complex matters and makes recommendations which are presented to council for the final decision. Meetings are open to the public.
  • A number of advisory and other committees also exist to assist council in making decisions, and some committees include community representation. These committee meetings are not open to the public, however the agendas and minutes are published on the city’s website. Recommendations from these committees are then considered by council. For details of these committees including the terms of reference and upcoming meeting dates, visit the committees page.

Confidential matters

The city has made changes to its processes when dealing with planning matters that are part of a State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) mediation process. If an applicant is not satisfied with the outcome of a planning decision by the city, they have the opportunity to seek a review of the decision by SAT, which may include independent mediation. Mediation in the SAT is confidential. As such, council will now deliberate SAT reconsiderations as confidential agenda items to ensure that confidentiality is not breached.
At Tuesday’s council meeting, a SAT reconsideration for a residential development was considered behind closed doors and approved. While the report and details of the discussion are not published, the decision of council is available to the public in the minutes of the meeting.   
Under the Local Government Act 1995, a meeting can go “behind closed doors” for a number of reasons, such as receiving legal advice, discussing commercial information or protecting privacy and confidentiality. Where possible, the city endeavours to publish decisions that relate to confidential items in the minutes of the council meeting.     

Lake Jualbup contractor

Council approved the appointment of a new contractor to complete the upgrade works at Lake Jualbup after civil landscaping and construction company BCL Group suspended trading. The $1.4 million project is expected to fully resume in March with emergency dewatering works already taking place. Further updates will be available on the Lake Jualbup upgrade page.
The minutes from the Ordinary Council Meeting of 27 February 2018 are available here.