City of Subiaco - Shopper parking at former Coles rooftop car park
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12. December

Shopper parking at former Coles rooftop car park
Thursday 7 December 2017

Coles in Barker Road has closed its doors to make way for a store at the brand new Marketlane, 44 Station Street, Subiaco. Planning for the future of the Barker Road site is currently underway but in the meantime, the city, which has a parking management agreement with Coles, is offering shopper parking, from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note that we are trialling the rooftop as an EasyPark-only car park, whereby you can pay for parking using the EasyPark app on a mobile or tablet device, or by calling 1300 734 070 and using a credit or debit card. As with all city-operated car parks in the town centre, the first hour is free, however, if you are using EasyPark, you must still activate an EasyPark session.

See below for the Coles rooftop shopper car park fee structure:

1 hour – Free
2 hours – $3.60
3 hours – $7.20
4 hours – $11.40
5 hours – $15.60
6 hours – $20.40
7 hours – $25.20
8 hours – $30.60
9 hours – $36.00