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Meet the faces of SubiFit
Wednesday 29 November 2017

These fresh faces of SubiFit have a lot to smile about. They’ve been taking advantage of the recent great weather with the city’s free outdoor fitness classes. We had a chat to some of the participants to find out what they liked about the program, and what advice they had for those thinking about trying.

David and Rob

David and Rob have been coming to SubiFit together for eight weeks. After hearing about the program in September, David encouraged Rob to try it and the pair have been working out together ever

“I made a promise to Dave to take better care of myself. I thought it was about time to get serious about my physical activity so I decided to give it a go,” said Rob.

“The exercise is really different to anything I’ve done before. It’s entertaining, and the fit sticks are actually pretty good.”

David said he and Rob liked that the group was diverse because it made the classes lively and interesting.

“The people make it fun, and Judy (the instructor) is fantastic! We’ll definitely be coming back – I’m hoping they return after the holidays for the summer too!”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trying SubiFit for the first time?
Just come and give it a go!

Elizabeth and Analena

Friends Elizabeth and Analena were previously doing their own workouts, but got fed up with thinking of new exercises all the time.

 “Liz found out about SubiFit in the local paper, so we decided we would try it together,” said Analena.

“We were doing our own thing previously, but thought it would be fun to try out a group situation and take it outdoors.

“It’s definitely a decent workout. The best thing is the location - it’s great being outside. Plus, the trainer is a lot of fun and we love having someone else to lead the way. Now we don’t have to think, we can just workout (and chat and laugh as well!)”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trying SubiFit for the first time?
Think about how awesome you’ll feel at the end! It’s self-paced, and at your own level so it’s great for anyone.


Mandy is another eager SubiFit attendee and said she was one of the oldest in the group. Her exercise regime had recently lapsed, and she was looking for something to help get her back on the wagon.

Running.jpg“I decided to try SubiFit because I have to exercise, but I don’t like using the gym. I prefer to be outside in the fresh air. I came to my first class by myself, but now I’m here twice a week and I’ve convinced my daughter to come with me too!”

Mandy said she liked that the SubiFit classes were fun and catered for all capabilities.  

“There are all kinds of different people in the class. Judy, the instructor tells us what to do, and she focuses on technique which I think is important.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trying SubiFit for the first time?
Give it a go! There’s nothing nicer than being outside!

Emma and BruceEmma-and-Bruce.jpg

Emma has been coming to SubiFit most Saturdays since the beginning, after her Mum heard about the program and dragged her along. Eventually Bruce came on board too and now the family of three attend as often as possible.

“I’d tried a similar type of thing previously through my work and I loved it, so I was keen to give SubiFit a go,” said Emma.

“We normally do some running and bike riding as well. We love SubiFit because it’s outdoors. It’s fun (thanks to the trainer), and there is some really good banter between all the participants.”
Bruce said the SubiFit classes were a good workout and a fun atmosphere.

“After the first day I felt great and on the second day I was sore, but I came back again. The classes are friendly and inclusive, and they are tailored to your needs. There are options for all different fitness levels”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trying SubiFit for the first time?
Come join. It’s fun!
SubiFit classes run twice a week on Mondays and Saturdays until 16 December. To find out when and where the next class is, visit the SubiFit webpage.