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Spotlight on youth in Subiaco
Thursday 30 November 2017

The City of Subiaco celebrated the contribution and achievements of young people in the community at the second annual Spotlight on Subi event on Monday evening at Subiaco Library.
Thirty-six young people aged between twelve and twenty-five, who reside in the city, received a Youth Achievement Grant within the past twelve months to financially support their participation in sporting and music competitions, leadership camps and community projects at a local, national and international level.
An exhibition of their experiences and accomplishments has been compiled by the city’s youth committee, the Subi Voice of Youth (SVY). The exhibition, which has been on display in the library this week, shows the varied interests and skills of the city’s young people.
SVY Vice President Kailin Guo, who hosted the evening, spoke of the rich history and purpose of the SVY committee:
“We began in 1999 as the Subiaco Youth Advisory Council…in 2010, we created our own identity by renaming ourselves the Subi Voice of Youth.
“We aim to foster a positive image of young people though youth participation in community initiatives, events and consultation. With a focus on the personal and professional development of young people, we organise and facilitate activities and events such as this one."
Following the presentation of certificates to the grant recipients, a panel interview was conducted with grant recipients Robert, Kenji, Daniel and Sarah. The interview provided each speaker with an opportunity to share their experiences, as well as further developing their public speaking skills.
Robert spoke of his life-changing music tour to Europe, in which he performed both formally and in busking contexts.
Kenji shared his experience of a mid-race bike failure, rendering him incapable of finishing the race – as well as the ways in which “it made me [him] a better person for it.”
Daniel spoke of the leadership camp at which he found the opportunity to meet many new people, and humoured the audience with the story of an untimely illness on camp.
Sarah recalled with delight the opportunities that came with flying to play on the under-15s hockey team.
City of Subiaco Manager Cultural Services Marion Morton said it was important to shine a light on youth achievement.
“The city is proud to support young community members to develop personally and professionally.
“Congratulations to all youth achievement grant recipients. It is a really exciting time for young people.”
For more information about Youth Achievement Grants and activities for young people in the City of Subiaco, visit the youth page. If you are interested in becoming a member of SVY, please contact

Pictured: SVY Vice President Kailin Guo talking to grant recipients at the event.