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Who are we?
Friday 8 September 2017

2016-Subiaco-Community-Profile-infographic-(2).jpgSubiaco has been changing rapidly over the past five years. With new redevelopments across the city, changes to our boundary lines and lifestyle trends re-shaping how we live, it’s time to take a look at who we are now, and what’s changed since the 2011 census.
Insight into the city's demographic profile is presented by .id community profile using data collected from the Australian Bureau of Statistics including the 2016 census, and has been adjusted to represent the City of Subiaco's revised boundaries.
The city has collated this data in an easy to read infographic, highlighting some of the interesting and emerging trends from the past five years. For a more in depth look at the Subiaco community profile, visit our demographic information page

Let's take a look at our community profile to see what's changed in the last five years:

  • the city has a population of 16 237, a growth of 10%

  • our fastest growing region is the Central Subiaco redevelopment area, with a whopping 43% population increase

  • Subiaco is bucking national home ownership trends with increases in full ownership and mortgaged housing

  • the city has seen a rapid increase in families and school aged children

  • we are diverse. 16% speak languages other than English at home, 33% were born overseas and we have a strong representation of English, Irish, Scottish, Chinese and Australian heritage

  • a well off area with incomes 50% higher than the national average.