City of Subiaco - Irish Famine Memorial construction at Market Square
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Irish Famine Memorial construction at Market Square
Monday 28 August 2017

Market Square traffic management update 
The City of Subiaco is working with the West Australian Irish Famine Commemoration Inc to establish a memorial to the Irish famine of 1845 to 1848.

The Irish Famine was a period of mass starvation, disease, and emigration in Ireland as a result of a potato blight disease which devastated crops that fed up to a third of the Irish population. As a direct consequence of the famine, the Irish population fell by approximately 25 per cent, with the death of up to one million people, and emigration of another two million.

The memorial involves a bronze sculpture at the centre of a granite spiral created by Smith Sculptors, and will be installed in the south west side of Market Square, adjacent to Roberts Road. 

Construction is due to commence on this project at the end of August and will be completed by the end of September. During the work period, the installation area will be fenced, and access to the remainder of Market Square will not be affected.  Minor traffic management will occur on Roberts Road as part of the construction.

Should you have any queries regarding this project, please contact Public Art Officer Kristy Gough on 9237 9348 or Tuesday to Thursday.