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Fueling your bright ideas
Wednesday 8 March 2017

The City of Subiaco has a number of grant and funding options to fuel ideas, initiatives and events for the community.
Funding is open to individuals, community-based organisations and local groups for initiatives that promote wellbeing
and a sense of belonging within the city.

Community Development Grants

The city’s Community Development Grants are aimed at not-for proft community organisations to assist in delivering innovative events or initiatives within Subiaco. Up to $5000 of funding is available and applications for the next round of grants close at 4pm on Friday 31 March.

Rolling Grants

Rolling Grants are available to groups of three or more community members, or community organisations, to assist
with small projects and events within Subiaco. There are no closing dates for these grants and up to $1000 of funding is up for grabs.

Youth Achievement Grants

Youth Achievement Grants support young people, aged twelve to twenty-fve, living in Subiaco to participate in an event, competition or community project. There is no closing date for applications and up to $400 of funding is available for individuals.

For more information on the city’s grants and to apply, visit the grants page or email