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Think2030: Your city, your plan, your future
Friday 28 October 2016

Help shape the future of your city by completing the Think2030 survey today!

In 2011 we introduced you to Think2030, the largest community visioning project that the City of Subiaco has ever undertaken. The Think2030 process established a vision for the city and determined community aspirations for the future of Subiaco, used to guide the city’s Strategic Community Plan. 

It’s your city, your plan and your future, so to ensure that community priorities and aspirations are kept up to date and remain accurate we’re reviewing your plan. It’s been five years since Think2030 and a lot has changed, so we want you to get involved to let us know how we’ve been doing and the direction you would like the city to go over the next ten years.

We want to know what your priorities are and what you think about things like:

  • Our sense of community
  • Parks, open spaces and places
  • Subiaco as a unique destination
  • The built environment
  • An effective and integrated transport system
  • Council leadership

You play a critical in the future of your city. The city’s Strategic Community Plan, guided directly by Think2030 will continue to be at the core of what we do. It will identify community priorities, drive the work we deliver and determine the direction for the bright future of the City of Subiaco.

So what are you waiting for? Think2030 is here.

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