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Extraordinary election not going ahead
Friday 14 October 2016

The West Australian Electoral Commissioner recently announced an extraordinary election to fill a vacancy in the City of Subiaco’s South Ward. The vacancy came about as a result of the City of Perth Act, which saw a portion of the South Ward ceded to the City of Perth on 1 July 2016.

In light of the reduction of electors in the South Ward, Council resolved in August to submit a proposal to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) to reduce the number of councillors in the South Ward from three to two.

On Wednesday 12 October, in accordance with statutory advertising requirements, the West Australian Electoral
Commission published a Notice of Close of Enrolments for the extraordinary election. Upon receiving advice from the LGAB, the Minister for Local Government has accepted the City of Subiaco’s proposal to reduce councillor numbers, effectively removing the need for an extraordinary election.

The extraordinary election will no longer go ahead and the South Ward will now be represented by two
councillors, rather than three. It is important to note that the extraordinary election is separate from the city’s current review of its wards and representation. A report is scheduled to go to Council in November to progress this review.

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