City of Subiaco - City of Perth Bill takes away the community’s right to have their say
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City of Perth Bill takes away the community’s right to have their say
Friday 29 January 2016

The City of Subiaco has found yet another flaw with the City of Perth Bill which is currently sitting in the Upper House awaiting reading when it reopens in mid-February.
The bill outlines the process by which the city may review its ward boundaries and councillor numbers which includes a six week period of community consultation, allowing residents to have their say about future representation. 
However, the bill states that the consultation would need to be completed and a report submitted to the Local Government Advisory Board by 31 March 2016, leaving it impossible for the city to comply with the requirements of the bill relating to the six week consultation period.
City of Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said the bill is already out of date and therefore cannot be enacted.
“If the bill is enacted by the Upper House in February, there would not be sufficient time to undertake the required six week community consultation as stated in the bill,” she said.     
“We are committed to allowing our community to have their say. This legislation was announced without any community consultation, and this is yet another injustice our community faces with the City of Perth Bill. Ultimately this removes their right to consultation about their future representation,” Mayor Henderson continued.
At its meeting last week, the City of Subiaco Council unanimously resolved not to undertake a ward review unless the bill is amended and allows sufficient time for such a review to take place. 
The City of Subiaco strongly opposes the City of Perth Bill and the detrimental impact it will have on the whole Subiaco community by forcing this boundary change, whilst taking away the community’s right to have their say.

For more information about the City of Perth Bill and how it impacts the City of Subiaco visit the City of Perth Bill webpage.