City of Subiaco - EasyPark has arrived in Subiaco
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EasyPark has arrived in Subiaco
Monday 22 February 2016

The city now offers an easier way to park with the introduction of EasyPark in all city owned and operated parking stations.

EasyPark is the quick and reliable parking app that saves motorists both time and money by providing the option to pay for parking using the EasyPark app on a mobile or tablet device, calling 1300 734 070 and talking to an operator and paying for parking using a credit or debit card.

Using EasyPark offers a number of benefits including only paying for the time that you’re physically parked, reminders from EasyPark when your parking is due to expire and the option to extend your parking limit in seconds.

Spend less time in your car and more time enjoying your time in Subiaco with the Subiaco parking map – which includes the location of our four first-hour free parking stations around the town centre.

For more information about using EasyPark visit the EasyPark webpage or (external site).