City of Subiaco - Mayors for Peace: Nagasaki Peace Park sculpture unveiled in Japan
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Mayors for Peace: Nagasaki Peace Park sculpture unveiled in Japan
Tuesday 19 April 2016

On Monday 18 April, Australia's first sculpture contribution to the Nagasaki Peace Park, Tree of Life: Gift of Peace, was unveiled in Japan, joining other artworks from around the globe in the sculpture park.

The city was one of several major gifting partners for the contribution that was made possible by the Mayors for Peace Australia, cities of Subiaco, Fremantle and Cockburn, and South Australia’s Yalata Aboriginal community. 

The bronze sculpture represents an Indigenous piti (dish), originally carved from wood, being cradled by the branches of the ‘cadja’ tree. The piti, used for carrying babies, food, and water, represents the gift of peace, with the tree its ultimate donor. It represents the sharing of resources between families, communities and nations for peace and harmony.

The unique international peace initiative recognises atomic survivors worldwide, and acknowledges the sustained impacts on nuclear-affected communities, as well as the resilience and efforts of these communities to forge a global peace movement.

The gifting has also been assisted by the Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation and the Australia Council for the Arts, and administrated by arts-production company Alphaville through the Nuclear Futures program.

For more information visit the Nuclear Futures website (external site)