City of Subiaco - Reporting streetlight faults online
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Reporting streetlight faults online
Monday 25 May 2015

nullSubiaco residents, workers and visitors can now report a faulty streetlight through an online form on the city's website.

There are two different types of streetlights found through Subiaco. City of Subiaco streetlights are typically coloured or powdercoated metal poles with decorative light fittings, as opposed to Western Power streetlights, which are generally mounted on plain galvanised metal poles or on wooden poles.

If a City of Subiaco streetlight is found to be faulty, it can be reported by completing the online form on the city's website. Upon collection of the form data, most repairs can be completed within fifteen days.

If a Western Power streetlight is found to be faulty, it should be reported directly to Western Power.

For more information, visit the Report a faulty streetlight page. Alternatively, you can call the city on 9237 9222.