City of Subiaco - Lake Jualbup nature excursion
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Lake Jualbup nature excursion
Monday 11 May 2015

nullYear two students from Subiaco Primary School were out and about on a nature excursion at Lake Jualbup on Thursday 7 May with the city’s Parks and Environment team.   

Equipped with binoculars, sweep nets and magnifying glasses, these young nature ethusiasts learnt about the wildlife present at the lake, such as frogs and long-necked turtles, as well as the conservation and habitat enhancement of wildlife.

They also lent a hand in collecting litter from the banks and edges of the lake, while hearing of the impact pollution has not only in the local area but the wider environment. 

There was a lot of looking up, as Birdlife Australia joined in to provide information on terrestrial and aquatic birds in the local area, their habitats and how to identify birds by their appearance and call.  

Students were fascinated by the truly amazing world of aquatic macroinvertebrates, learning that even the smallest of creatures contribute to a healthy wetland.

The City of Subiaco is fortunate to have a diverse range of wildlife within its wetlands and by working with our local schools endeavours to educate future generations on the importance of protecting and preserving it for years to come.