City of Subiaco - Annual laneway pruning and weed control
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Annual laneway pruning and weed control
Thursday 25 June 2015

The city will be conducting its annual laneway pruning and weed control in July.
Weed control
Weeds on footpaths, traffic islands, kerbs and laneways are controlled during this time of the year using the chemical Glyphosate Biactive. Glyphosate BiActive is a non-volatile soluble liquid product with non-selective herbicidal activity against weeds and grasses. Glyphosate Biactive is effectively neutralised on contact with the soil and does not provide long term weed control.
NullAnnual laneway pruning 
The annual laneway pruning program will commence in July. The city will prune or remove vegetation that is:

  • growing within the laneway
  • overhanging into the laneway
    • at fence lines, a clearance of one metre above ground level
    • up to 4.2 metres above ground level, a clearance of 200 millimetres out from the fence lines
    • vegetation that is higher than 4.2 metres above the ground will be pruned to remove deadwood, as required.

To exempt your property from the weed control or pruning process, please advise the city in writing by Friday 10 July by sending an email to with your address, contact details and requested exemption.
If you have previously requested for your property to be exempt from the chemical weed control and laneway pruning process it is not necessary to notify the city.
For any queries, please contact the city on 9387 0942.