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The next generation of sustainability gurus
Monday 6 July 2015

Rosalie Primary School’s ‘Green Gorillas’ recycling program is an initiative developed by teacher Tim Yates in 2010 to educate students on how to compost their own food scraps from lunch and recess.
The program has been supported by funding from the City of Subiaco, as part of an initiative by the city to help local primary schools implement their own environmental initiatives. Since 2012, the three local primary schools within the city have received $450 annually to contribute towards their initiative. 
Students who sign up for the ‘Green Gorillas’ program are rostered for one week throughout the term to collect green bins containing organic (food) waste. All students are taught to put their food scraps from lunch and recess in these bins.
Every day at lunch time, rostered on students take the organic waste bins to the school community garden, where the organics are cut up into smaller pieces with shovels, mixed with chicken manure, and added to compost bins or worm farms.
The school incorporates a mentorship program, whereby older students from year five or six, otherwise known as ‘Green Gorilla Gurus’, are partnered with younger students to guide them.
Rosalie Primary School used the funds to purchase wrist bands for the program, which helps raise awareness of the program and reward excellence.
The City of Subiaco is proud to work with our local schools to equip students with the skills and knowledge to pave the way for a sustainable future.