City of Subiaco - State Government says no forced amalgamation
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State Government says no forced amalgamation
Tuesday 17 February 2015

The City of Subiaco today welcomed the announcement that the State Government will abandon the local government structural reform process, and revoke Governor’s Orders that would have seen the City of Subiaco merge with the Town of Cambridge on 1 July.

Link to the State Government announcement. 

Mayor Heather Henderson said the news is a win for democracy and the community.

“Council has long maintained its preference for the City of Subiaco to remain an independent and sustainable local government.

“I am relieved the Premier has responded to the three recent polls, and to the communities who have made it clear that they reject forced amalgamations and boundary changes." 

“Local governments are in touch with residents and ratepayers on a daily basis, and now we can get back to the business of providing high quality services for our communities,” Mayor Henderson said. 

A report to the City of Subiaco’s Corporate, Community and Technical Services Committee meeting tonight will consider a number of issues related to the reform process including costs and the city’s legal appeal.