City of Subiaco - New homes for our feathered friends
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New homes for our feathered friends
Tuesday 11 August 2015

The City of Subiaco is excited to be working with local schools to create man-made wildlife habitats (nest boxes), thanks to the generous donation of Subiaco resident Shirley Majors who recently contributed $10 000 to the project. The city will work with more than 240 school students to build and install twenty-four nest boxes at Subiaco, Jolimont and Rosalie primary schools, and Perth Modern High School.

Shirley, who moved to Subiaco from a large property in Caversham two years ago has always been passionate about the environment and supporting local wildlife species and hopes that the project will help continue to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation in the area.

Nest boxes provide additional habitat for local wildlife species when natural nesting sites are lacking. The project involves workshops with each school to build the boxes, ready for installation between now and October. Each school will regularly monitor the boxes for occupancy by local wildlife, which are designed to suit the surrounding environment and provide habitat for owls, parrots, pardalotes and bats.

The installation of new nest boxes complement eleven others that have  been installed in various parks and reserves around the city over the past four years. Nest boxes have proven very successful in Subiaco, with microbats and the Striated Pardalote currently nesting in the habitats. For more information about wildlife initiatives download a copy of the city’s Wildlife Enhancement Plan 2014–2019 from the wildlife page.