City of Subiaco - Festive season alfresco and street trading permits introduced
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Festive season alfresco and street trading permits introduced
Friday 31 October 2014

nullThe City of Subiaco has introduced new reduced cost, short term alfresco dining and street trading licences to coincide with the forthcoming festive season.

The cheaper and more easily accessible permits are part of a strategy to stimulate more vibrancy in the city’s town centre and encourage local retailers and restaurateurs to take advantage of the upcoming festive season and  summer weather.

The new festive season licences will be valid from Monday 1 December 2014 to Saturday 31 January 2015 and will cost just the initial application fee of $25.

Another  licence, allowing for a trial alfresco period at a reduced cost has also been introduced, as well as lower fees for all street trading and alfresco dining permits which will come into effect on Friday 31 October.

In addition, there has  been a change in the method used to calculate the alfresco dining fees from a per chair cost, to a charge per square metre.

Complete and compliant permit applications received by 5pm on Friday 14 November are guaranteed to be processed and a licence issued to enable trading to commence on Monday 1 December 2014.

For more information on the permits, please visit the Alfresco and street trading page.