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Lake Jualbup upgrade

This page provides an overview of the Lake Jualbup upgrade project currently being undertaken. For a comprehensive overview of work-to-date the city and other stakeholders in relation to maintaining an adequate permanent body of water in Lake Jualbup, please visit the Lake Jualbup page.  

Project overview

In 2015/2016 the City of Subiaco, in consultation with the local community, developed a management plan for Lake Jualbup and its park surrounds. In April 2018, the city completed the first stages of significant works. Preparation for the final stage of works is currently underway.

Current works

Start: Monday 17 September
Expected completion: 30 November 2018

The City is completing the preparation of designs and contracts to undertake the next stage works including:

  • installation of the additional pathways and linkages
  • installation of a new lake aeration system
  • installation of new LED lighting system.

In addition to these management plan works the city will be undertaking the following capital works, asset renewal and replacement works:

  • installation of two new irrigation bores
  • installation of new irrigation pipes and sprinklers
  • installation of new park furniture, barbeques and shelters.

Previous works

In April 2018 the city completed the first stages of works to enhance the lake’s ecological value and public amenity. The $1.4 million projected included:

  • removal of the old lake walls
  • installation of a new lake walls
  • additional wetland revetment area on the northern side of the lake
  • a new path around the wall and revetment areas
  • the installation of a clay liner and organic soil layer in front of the completed wall and northern bank.

Additional information



The planning phase for this project has been ongoing for many years with significant work undertaken by city staff, community stakeholders and consultants to gain the necessary environmental approvals, including a Section 18 Minister's Consent under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 and a comprehensive Management Plan.

Section 18

To ensure that the city meets the conditions stipulated for Section 18 Consent under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 the city has appointed an anthropologist who will coordinate daily attendance by two Aboriginal ground monitors to observe the works where ground disturbance is necessary.