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Waterwise Verge and Garden Awards

The Waterwise Verge and Garden Awards recognise gardens, and verges that contribute to the greening of business districts, aesthetic presentation of streetscapes and sustainable living practices. Download the 2018 award poster.

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2018 Award winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Waterwise Verge and Garden Award winners. Participants and winners shared in $2000 worth of vouchers to the Subi Farmers Market. $1250 worth of prizes were sponsored by Water Corporation. 

To see the winning verges and gardens, check out the online gallery

Waterwise Garden Winner  

Geoffrey Blacklock, Smyth Road in Shenton Park 
A dense and lush native garden, which is a fantastic source of food to local fauna and insects and includes an incredible display of flowers making the garden a standout. This waterwise garden also received a special Australian made Woodlands Heritage Banksia seat as a prize. 

Verge Award Winner 

Katherine and Rex Vines, Gloster Street, Subiaco
This one-year old native verge garden includes 40 unique native species and more than 100 plants – planted from tub stock originally from Kings Park, including drip line irrigation with a variety of leaf colours and heights intended to attract birds. 

Vegetable Garden Award winner 

Louisa and Christopher Clayton, Bedford Avenue, Subiaco 
An impressive, modern and well-designed vegetable garden including fruit trees and a vegetable garden. 

School Award Winners

Jolimont, Subiaco and Rosalie primary schools and Perth Modern School
This year, the four entrant schools were announced as joint winners to celebrate their efforts and commitment to waterwise practices and sustainable living.

Business Garden Award Winner

Rauland Australia, Onslow Road, Shenton Park 
A beautiful aesthetic presentation including a great range of local native species, colourful groundcover and kangaroo paws – all adding to the streetscape. 


The panel of judges comprises the mayor, two elected members and community representatives. Judging is based on a set of sustainability criteria, as summarised below:

Waterwise strategies

Features may include minimum or permeable paving to maximise stormwater infiltration, waterwise plants, greywater, subsurface or drip irrigation, and the use of mulch.


Features may include local native plants, year-round flowering to create a food source for native fauna, and a variety of plant structures to create a diversity of habitat for native fauna.

Edible elements

Features may include fruit trees, vines, vegetable patches, bush tucker or herbs.

Fauna habitat

Features may include frog ponds, large mature trees, tree hollows, nest boxes, rock gardens, bird baths or fallen logs.

Design and general layout

Features may include the use of deciduous trees for passive solar design, windbreaks, solar lights, sculpture or artistic elements and attractive landscape design.

Maintenance and condition of plants

Well maintained and healthy plants, lack of weeds and rubbish.

Special features

Any unusual environmental aspects of the verge or garden that make it unique.

One or more of these suggested features must be demonstrated to the judging panel.


Nominees will be contacted by council staff. The judging panel will review nominations and select finalists, who will be notified by mail and invited to attend an award presentation.

Award winners will share a total prize pool of gift certificates to the value of $2000 from the Subi Farmers Market as well as a certificate of appreciation. 

This year, the winner for best waterwise residential garden will win a piece of high-quality garden furniture valued at over $2000 from award sponsor Woodlands Furniture.

"Woodlands is a Western Australian family-owned specialty supplier of high-grade streetscape items to WA local government and commercial projects across the state, including the City of Subiaco. All Woodlands items are WA or Australian made to the customers’ requirements and include everything from seating and drink fountains to engineered shelters and walk bridges. Woodlands is very proud to being part of the City of Subiaco's Waterwise Verge and Garden Awards 2018."

Prize-winning gardens are photographed and may be featured on the city's website or in publications.