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Local History Awards

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The biennial Local History Awards are a great opportunity to research, record and share the rich history of Subiaco. For more information, including competition terms and conditions, download the 2017 Local History Awards brochure (PDF, 2.4MB

Have you, or do you plan on doing some research on an aspect of Subiaco history, including a family member, your house, your street, your suburb or your favourite business? If so, you could enter your research in the 2017 Local History Awards.

About the awards

Coordinated by the city, the awards capture the stories, business and flavour of everyday Subiaco from the distant past to more recent times. 

Awards fall into five categories that honour a connection that has enhanced Subiaco’s history through the creation, documentation or sharing of the city’s unique cultural heritage.  These categories include:

  1. Argonauts school category – honours past Subiaco Primary School students Alec Choate and Jim Phillips, who composed the Argonauts and other manuscripts that form part of the collection.  This category involves specific projects designed for year two and three students, which reference the national curriculum.  Download the activity worksheet (PDF, 142KB) or pick one up from Subiaco Library or Subiaco Museum.

  2. Tom Stannage house history category – honours historian Professor Tom Stannage.  Tom contributed to maintaining the uniqueness of Subiaco and documented a comprehensive history about his house on Chester Street.  Entries in this category can take the form of a report, with text and images, documenting past residents and/or events that relate to a house within the City of Subiaco.

  3. Sonya Sears photographic memory category – honours photographer Sonya Sears, whose documentary-style photographs of Subi Centro are displayed in the city’s Administration Centre.  This category relates to photographs of Subiaco people, places, clubs, houses shops and/or streetscapes prior to the 1990s.

  4. Christobel Bennett personal reminiscence category – honours Christobel Bennett, who held the position of Coordinator Heritage Services with the city from 2000 to 2006.  For this category, people are invited to submit their personal memoirs of Subiaco people and places, or memories of a particular decade or event.

  5. Dom Serra open topic – honours the Benedictine connection to the City of Subiaco.  This category is for entries that do not fall into other award categories, and could include family or business history, building or street history, stories of Aboriginal people, sporting or social club history, environmental history and stories of migrants or workers.


Argonauts school category

Share in a prize pool 
worth $30

Tom Stannage house history category

Winner: $500
Runner-up: $200

Sonya Sears photographic memory category

Winner: $300
​Runner-up: $150

Christobel Bennett personal reminiscence category

Runner-up: $200

Dom Serra open topic

Winner: $500
Runner-up: $200


How to enter

Both hard copy and electronic submissions will be accepted in this year's competition.

Hard copy entries

Hard copy entries may be hand-written or printed. Please retain a copy of any hard copy material submitted. You can drop your entry off to the city at Subiaco Library.
Alternatively, post your entry to:

City of Subiaco
PO Box 270
Subiaco WA 6904 

Electronic entries

  1. Submit your entry using the Local History Awards online entry form.  
  2. Submit electronic entries (typed documents, photographs, audio files, audio-visual files, etc.) in person on a CD or thumb drive. 

All submissions (except entries for the Argonauts school category) must be accompanied by a signed entry form supplied by the city. You can download an entry form (PDF, 892KB) or pick one up from Subiaco Library, Subiaco Museum or the city’s Administration Centre. Argonauts school category entry forms are available online (PDF, 142KB) or can be picked up in person at Subiaco Library or Subiaco Museum.
Entries may be submitted online via the city’s website, mailed to the City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904 or hand delivered to Subiaco Library, 237 Rokeby Road, Subiaco. 

All entries must be submitted by 5pm on Monday 28 August 2017.

2015 awards

The City of Subiaco’s Local History Awards took place at Subiaco Library on 4 May 2015 with the winners of the coveted awards announced over three categories.

The Christobel Bennett Personal Reminiscence Category was won by Patricia Pola’s entry ‘Random Images of our Family’ for a thorough recollection of the experience of growing up in Jolimont.

First prize for the Tom Stannage House History Category was awarded to Shannon Meyerkort for her entry ‘The House of Women’. This chronological account went beyond the history of one house to offer an insight into decades of Subiaco history and the suburb of Daglish.

The Dom Serra Open Topic Category was won by Claire Greer for her research ‘A Landscape of Loss: Olive Street in the First World War’. Ms Greer’s focus on Olive Street provided a unique perspective on the impact of the Great War on Subiaco’s community.     

Mayor Heather Henderson said she is proud that the city has a community who value history and heritage and seeks to learn more about Subiaco’s rich past. 

“It means we can work together to ensure the stories of people, buildings, landmarks and the community as a whole are preserved for future generations to come,” she said. 

All entries are now available to view in the city’s local history collection at Subiaco Library.

Research tips

The city's WHO WHAT WHERE? Researching the history of your house and family publication contains advice, hints, research resources and contacts.

Visit Subiaco Library or Subiaco Museum to pick up a free copy of this resource or download the booklet (PDF, 2.6MB).

Previous winners

Winning entries from 2003–2015 are contained in Subiaco Library's local history collection. See a list of previous winners (PDF, 437KB).


For more information about the Local History Awards, contact Subiaco Museum on (08) 9237 9227 or email