City of Subiaco - Our future and vision
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Our future and vision

The City of Subiaco undertook its Think2030 community visioning process to gain feedback on a vision and future direction for the city. This culminated in the development of the City of Subiaco Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan.

Our vision

Community vision

In 2030 the City of Subiaco is a unique, popular and welcoming place. The city celebrates its rich history, while embracing the diversity and vitality of the present. The parks, public spaces, events and recreational opportunities are easily accessible and promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for all. There is a diverse range of local businesses and entertainment that contribute to a lively atmosphere. The city faces the challenges of the future with strong leadership, an innovative approach and an emphasis on community values and voices. Sustainability, in all its forms, is at the core of the community and underpins the city’s operations.

Corporate vision

An innovative, community-focused organisation providing strong leadership to build a unique and welcoming place.

Strategic Community Plan

The City of Subiaco Strategic Community Plan (PDF, 2.4MB) is the result of over eighteen months’ work undertaken in 2011 as part of the Think2030 visioning project. The comprehensive community engagement process saw over 30 000 pieces of information collected, enabling the city to identify six key focus areas for the Strategic Community Plan.

  1. Our sense of community
  2. Parks, open spaces and places
  3. A unique destination
  4. The built environment
  5. An effective and integrated transport system
  6. Council leadership 

A review of the plan took place in 2016 to ensure the city continues to reflect the community’s priorities. The city reported on the progress of the plan and asked for community feedback, with an additional 1600 comments received.

Corporate Business Plan

The City of Subiaco Corporate Business Plan 2015–2019 (PDF, 3.7MB) outlines the city's key priorities and actions for the next four years. The plan is informed by the Strategic Community Plan and aims to integrate the community's aspirations into the city's operations.