City of Subiaco - Meet your 2021 nominees
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Meet your 2021 council nominees

Local government Ordinary elections will be held on Saturday 16 October 2021. The City of Subiaco council will comprise a Mayor and eight councillors across four wards. In the 2021 elections there are vacancies for the positions of: 

  • Mayor - 4 year term (x1)
  • East Ward councillor - 4 year term (x1)
  • East Ward councillor - 2 year term (x1)
  • South Ward councillor - 4 year term (x1)

Voting packages will be sent to all registered electors in late September. Your vote can either be posted or dropped off at the City’s Administration Centre before 6pm on election day. 

Meet your nominees

Help inform your vote and get to know each nominee by reading the candidate profiles below. Candidates have been listed in alphabetical order by surname. 

Mayor candidates

Julie Christine Matheson


H: 9381 7310
M: 0409 294 495

MATHESON, Julie Christine

Your vote is vital to elect a full-time Mayor with financial experience to steer the city to do more with less rates.

You can count on me as a CFP® and former Councillor. My parents taught me to work hard and do the right thing – always.

I’m seeking your vote to bring stability and collaboration to the Council, as a friendly and welcoming place for all people. My office will be open full-time to welcome you.

Who do you trust as the full-time Mayor to maintain pressure on the State Government to promote development in the right areas?

The opportunities are endless in our unique suburbs with open spaces for families to grow, businesses to prosper, and the elderly to live in the home they love.

With your support and vote, let's work together to achieve great things. Thank you.

David Robert McMullen


M: 0412 275 154


At this pivotal time for Subiaco, you deserve to feel confident and secure in your City’s leadership.

It is only through effective Council representation led by a strong Mayor free of political motivation, that our way of life in Subiaco can flourish.

As a sitting Councillor and commercial lawyer with governance qualifications, I offer you:

  • Governance and leadership with integrity

  • Independent, apolitical advocacy for Subi’s best interests

  • A Council and Mayor that will engage meaningfully and prioritise community needs

  • Accountability and wiser use of our resources.

With the support of Council and staff, I’d be honoured to serve as your Mayor in creating a future that individuals, business, your family and mine can be excited about and feel part of.


East Ward councillor candidates 

Mark George Burns



LOVE SUBI - well that’s why we all live and work here, so let's all continue working together towards making Subiaco the very best liveable community it can be.

Improved streetscapes - greater protection of our historical properties - enhanced social vibrancy - getting behind our struggling businesses - safer - lower rates without reduced amenities - positive environmental initiatives - and a calm & effective Council.

Let's keep loving Subiaco and join me in making our City even better with a carefully
considered path forward.

If nothing else, all I ask is that you just LOVE SUBI as I do.

Thank you,

Mark Burns

(please contact me anytime on 0404 339 389)

Garry John Kosovich


M: 0437 116 860


I have lived in this beautiful City for 38 years, and know what it means to serve community having served in WA Police for 4 decades as Inspector.

I commit my skills and time to help East Ward & Subiaco navigate regeneration to maximum advantage. Enhancing character, tree canopy and green space alongside new developments can ensure our future remains relevant and prosperous.

I bring diligence, practicality and an understanding of life to the role. I believe passionately that Council should be open and independent in its decision making and collaborative with residents and business for optimal community outcomes.

I know that safety and security for all is key to creating a cohesive welcoming City and I'm keen to find proactive solutions for our homeless and help business & community thrive.

Bruce Steven Thompson


M: 0404 053 864



If elected, I will strive to get better outcomes for the community from development in the City and revisions to the city’s town planning scheme to get density and open space in the right locations.

A resident of Subiaco since my student days!

Open, approachable, transparent, consultative, and accountable style which I offer to all as your representative.

Listening to the community and businesses to understand the issues and seek balanced outcomes that make Subiaco a great place to live and to do business.

Seeking sustainable outcomes that respect the unique fabric of Subiaco.

At Murdoch University, my role is in strategic and campus planning, bringing extensive skills in planning, forming partnerships and agreements and achieving goals through genuine consultation.

South Ward councillor candidates

Simon Lloyd White


M: 0419 934 641

WHITE, Simon

I’m seeking to represent people in the South Ward.

I have experience representing the community on Council’s Economic, Business and Sustainability Committee.

My children attend Shenton College and Subi Primary. I am proud to live and work in Subi and recognise the importance open green spaces like Jualbup Lake and Rosalie Park.

I’m excited about speaking up as another independent voice for positive change in our community:

  • For responsive local amenities.

  • For vibrant local businesses.

  • Against parking and traffic congestion.

  • Against inappropriate development and trivial consultation.

I am passionate about listening to the community

Let’s make Council a positive space. I’m here to listen and act!