City of Subiaco - Meet your 2019 nominees
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Meet your 2019 council nominees

Local government elections will be held on Saturday 19 October 2019. The City of Subiaco council comprises a Mayor and eleven councillors across four wards. In the 2019 elections there are vacancies for the positions of: 

  • North Ward councillor (2)
  • East Ward councillor (1)
  • Central Ward councillor (2)
  • South Ward councillor (1)

Voting packages will be sent to all registered electors in early October. Your vote can either be posted, or dropped off at the city’s Administration Centre before 6pm on election day. 

Meet your nominees

Help inform your vote and get to know each nominee by reading the candidate profiles below. Candidates have been listed in alphabetical order. 

North Ward councillor candidates

Barbara Booth



I have lived in different areas of Subiaco and Shenton Park since 1975 when my sons were at school. I was a Primary School teacher for 14 years, seven of them as a Teacher-Librarian and also have a Certificate of TESOL. During that time I began writing as a Freelance Journalist and continue to do so.

Living in Eaton,WA from 1995, I travelled as Councillor and Journalist with a Sister City exchange group, representing the City of Bunbury to the City of Setagaya in Japan. I have an ongoing interest in different cultures.

I believe my experience as a Councillor could be of benefit on Subiaco Council. Living in the North Ward now, I would like to see an improvement in public transport and essential services for people living in units. 

Rosemarie De Vries


M: 0458 991 717

Being a local resident owner in the North Ward for over 15 years, my family and I feel very fortunate to live in the area and value the convenient location, safety, excellent educational options and fabulous parks.

If elected to the North Ward I intend to:

  • communicate with residents and ratepayers and keep them informed on issues they may not be aware of;
  • be accessible, consult with, and listen to the community;
  • represent the interests of residents and ratepayers on Council;
  • build greater consensus through meaningful discussion and debate;
  • address concerns about rezoning, rising rates, transparency and diminishing amenity;
  • let the community know of my decisions on Council and reasons.

After working in the business and education sector in Australia and overseas, I feel that there is a need for improved local council process and focus. I will be a strong and independent representative for the North Ward.

Peter McAllister


P: 0419 464 842
Suburb: Daglish

A resident of Daglish for 30 years, married with adult children, I have my own management consulting business. I have been active in the community over many years as a Councillor (1994-1999, 2015-2019), P&C President, sporting club coach, Men's Shed President and Meals on Wheels' volunteer.

If re-elected to represent North Ward I will have a focus on:

  • Enabling positive community engagement to ensure that residents' views are represented at council.
  • Ensuring that any development, whilst enabling resident's options, respects the area's character and amenity.
  • Increasing the vibrancy of the town centre, I am currently the presiding member of the Economic and Business Sustainability committee.
  • Working to ensure a culture of collaboration on council to improve its reputation.

Subiaco is a great place to live - our strong sense of community, the area's character, great parks and vibrant town centre are all things will work to preserve and develop.

Stephanie Stroud


M: 0405 750 398
F: @StephanieStroudSubiaco


Subi Centro, Daglish and Jolimont have a diversity of people and businesses enjoying contemporary and old world character. Also, most of Subiaco’s property portfolio. My membership on Subiaco's property committee and Jolimont Primary School Board offers valuable insight.

While there is more to Subiaco than roads, rates and rubbish, they are important. I will continue to 

  • secure safe road infrastructure, 
  • and represent Subiaco on WMRC regional waste council. 
  • My amendment reduced 2019 rates.

Together, we faced challenges with Subiaco’s town planning scheme. My commitment

  • to engage and collaborate, helped achieve a community led outcome.

I understand Subiaco’s potential. I support economic initiatives to attract business and visitors; improve parking; secure recreational and active green space; and protect our heritage, beautiful parks & tree canopies. 

Standing independently, I always prioritise Subiaco over conflicted self interest and state agendas. You can TRUST my integrity, experience and commitment to a transparent, productive council.

Thierry YIK LONG


M: 0417 278 416

If elected I will bring a fresh, independent and problem-solving perspective on decision making to the Council. I live in the North Ward and love its connectivity, shops, town square and community feel.

My work in finance and human resources gives me experience in the governance required for sound financial management, constructive team work and consensus building. Working at Curtin University, I see how smart innovation can have real positive outcomes for the community.

My priorities for Council include:

  • Independent decision making with proper community engagement
  • Financial prudence and management of City resources
  • Environmental sustainability actioned intelligently without infringing on the ratepayer

Arts, theatre, food, fashion and a warm community – this is the Subiaco we all know and love. I want to serve on a Council working to protect and promote Subiaco as the ideal place to live, work and visit. Your vote will make the difference.

East Ward councillor candidates 

Shannon Hennessy


F: @shannonforsubieast

Subiaco is my home. I love our community vibe and urban soul. Working for “SoldierOn,” a not for profit that helps our veterans, I have the privilege of advocating and supporting those who have served and protected Australia. I am passionate about serving my community.

I see the real difference active duty and service can make in people’s lives; and also the difference it makes when people feel truly represented. I want to share this passion beyond my job and help secure a positive future for Subiaco.

I will prioritise:

  • Subiaco getting the best out of East Ward development;
  • Small business owners getting a fair go;
  • Protecting what we love about Subiaco for future generations; and
  • Fair planning decisions based on community feedback.

I believe genuine diversity on Council promotes independent decision making. Having experienced the power of community service, it would be an honour to represent the East Ward.

Blake Phelan


M: 0416 294 303
F: @BlakePhelanfor Subiaco

Are you concerned about the protection of the heritage of Subiaco? I am, because I've lived in Subiaco for four great years and love the unique Subi style, the shopping and entertainment experiences of Rokeby and Hay. I operate my own Electrical contracting business and I see 3 main issues for this campaign.

  • Council to continue to promote sports space at Subiaco Oval. I love sports, fitness and the great outdoors of Subi;
  • Cut red tape, fees and charges to business so that new jobs can be created, especially for young people; 
  • Protect and reinvent the heritage and character homes of the City. I want to own one of these special homes in the future;

Please put 1 tick against my name as the only candidate for East Ward. Phone me, facebook me or email me anytime. Thank you.

Central Ward councillor candidates

David Eden


M: 0434 602 484
F @davidforsubi
Suburb: Subiaco

My name is David Eden and I am running as a candidate to represent you the residents of central ward on City of Subiaco Council. 

My wife and I live in Central Ward with our young daughter who attends Subiaco Primary School. When we first moved here over 10 years ago, we were immediately attracted to the vibrant village lifestyle that Subiaco offered, the parks, the activity and a self-evident feeling of community. It is these qualities that are most important to me and it will be these issues that will be my focus should I be elected.

My more than 20 years business experience has provided me with a passion and a knack for getting things done, working as part of a senior executive team, responsibility for balance sheet and managing multiple stakeholders all key skills that I would bring to council for the benefit of Subiaco residents.

Judith Gedero


P: 9382 2145
M: 0438 938 884
Suburb: Shenton Park


I have:

  • Served on the City of Subiaco Council for 16 years as a Councillor, 2 years as Deputy Mayor. 
  • Demonstrated, during my time on Council, that I have the qualities to work well in a team with diverse skills. 
  • Sound understanding of how good Local Government should respond to its community.
  • Been dedicated to good governance, sound financial management and liaising with the community.
  • Worked tirelessly to assist residents in solving their issues and will continue to be accessible 24/7. 
  • Experience, energy and dedication to progress the aspirations of our community and make a difference.
  • No alliance to any political party. I am an independent candidate.

It is very heartening to those of us who are making decisions on your behalf, that community concerns for the future of our City are raised with Council. 


Angela Hamersley


M: 0417 917 542
Suburb: Subiaco

  • Central Ward resident owner, lived in Subiaco for over 20 years and own East ward properties;
  • Love living, socialising and shopping in Subiaco and value its strong community and history;
  • Lawyer with 25 years’ experience, understand Local Government and planning legislation;
  • Will contribute passion and skills to foster a positive, united community;
  • Active participant on council matters over past 8 years;
  • Will represent the community with independence, integrity, tenacity and compassion.

Seek election on basis of:

  • Advocating strongly for your rights;
  • Community and council led local government;
  • Financial discipline and accountability, recognising burden of rates;
  • Meaningful and early community consultation, respect of outcomes;
  • Advocating for a community participative budgeting process;
  • Independent, diligent, evidence-based decision making;
  • Transparency in council meetings, decisions and information provided to the community;
  • Orderly and proper planning;
  • Development decision integrity, discretion used sparingly;
  • Promoting character, amenity and lifestyle as development and change unfolds.

Lynette Jennings


M: 0409 443 467

It’s time to step up, after:

  • a 34 year Subiaco connection, from first home purchase, renovation (still owned), marriage and children;
  • 21 years' legal experience (property, corporate, banking and finance);
  • ongoing involvement with important Subiaco issues and its Councils, dating back to 2012 when fighting council mergers as a Western Suburbs Alliance Inc.Committee Member;
  • co-organising “Bush not Bricks” (Montario Quarter) campaign. Campaigning to preserve other nearby bushland and the local Carnaby’s Cockatoos.

My approach:

  • Subiaco's interests first, listen to the community, build relationships and promote mutual support between residents and businesses; 
  • transparent process, outcomes and decisions reflecting the community’s views; 
  • independent, issues focused, governance with integrity; 
  • financial, social and environmental sustainability - rates restraint;
  • protect Subiaco’s heritage, character, tree canopy and quality of life while accommodating compliant development in appropriate non-amenity destroying locations;
  • increase active green space.

Thank you.

South Ward councillor candidates

Benjamin Dudley


F: @BenDudleyShentonPark

We all know Shenton Park is one of the greatest places on earth to live, work and raise a family! I’m a passionate Dad with two kids at Rosalie Primary School and I live and work in Shenton Park. I want to represent a Council that:

  • brings our community together
  • provides leadership to adapt to the challenges of the future

My experience working as a lawyer will enable me to effectively advocate for our community while working within the governance frameworks that underpin good decision-making.

I now run a medical services business which gives me a good understanding of the commercial reality of owning a local business. I’m proud to live in the south ward. I believe in strong local representation and I want to protect what we love about our homes, parks and retail strip while negotiating a bright future for our neighbourhood.

Rick Powell


Suburb: Shenton Park

I’ve lived in Shenton Park for over 35 years. My children went to the local kindy and then Rosalie Primary. I love our safe, leafy communal village; it’s been the perfect place to raise children.

I’m a journalist, broadcaster and corporate communications advisor. I have worked in governments at Federal, State and local level, so I understand what Councils do and how they do it. I have also owned and operated businesses in Subiaco.

Subiaco has been good for my family and I want to give something back.

Density, amenity, facilities, traffic, transport, recreation etc. all impact our lifestyle. Change is inevitably coming to our suburb. It’s how we manage it that counts. It will require open minds, goodwill, and meaningful respectful consultation.

If elected, I will be your independent voice in Council and do all I can to ensure that your views are heard.