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Nominating for council

Becoming an Elected Member at the City of Subiaco provides an opportunity to be part of the decision making process to make a positive difference in your community. Elected Members have a wide range of responsibilities, including representing electors and residents in making decisions about community assets, infrastructure and services, allocation of resources and setting Council's policies.

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Nomination details

The nomination period to become a candidate in the 2019 local government elections will open from Thursday 5 September to Thursday 12 September at 4pm. The Department of Local Government and Communities has published information to assist with the nomination process.


The City of Subiaco has four ward areas. In 2019, there are vacancies for the positions of:

  • North Ward councillor (2)
  • Central Ward councillor (2)
  • South Ward councillor (1)
  • East Ward councillor (1) 


To nominate as an Elected Member, you must:

  • Be on the electoral roll as a resident or non-resident owner or occupier of a rateable property in the City of Subiaco.
  • Be over 18 years of age and not disqualified from being an Elected Member under the Local Government Act.

Nominees of a body corporate are not eligible to nominate as an Elected Member. See Part 2, Division 5 of the Local Government Act for a list of disqualifying factors. 

Nomination submissions

Nominations are to be finalised and lodged in person with the city’s Returning Officer, who is responsible for the local government elections once the nomination period opens. An effective nomination consists of:

  • a completed nomination form
  • a profile of the candidate, prepared in accordance with the regulations
  • a nomination deposit of $80 (cash, bank cheque or money order)
  • a photograph (optional).

Prior to nominating, potential candidates should read the Western Australian Electoral Commission’s Guide for Candidates (Postal Elections) and be familiar with eligibility, nomination and disclosure of gifts requirements.

Candidates are encouraged to make an appointment with the city’s Returning Officer well before nominations close to discuss nominations. The city’s Returning Officer will be available at the City of Subiaco Administration Centre for appointments during the nomination period.  

Returning Officer

The city’s Returning Officer is appointed by the Western Australian Electoral Commission and is responsible for the conduct and processes associated with City of Subiaco local government elections. The Returning Officer is able to provide further information for prospective candidates including guides and forms for candidates and scrutineers.

Those wishing to nominate are required to make an appointment with the Returning Officer, Gavin Cotterell who is representing the City of Subiaco. The nomination period opens Thursday 5 September 2019 and closes at 4pm Thursday 12 September 2019.

The Returning Officer can be contacted by mobile phone on 0404 027 191 or via email at
Candidate induction

New laws have been introduced which makes it compulsory for all candidates nominating in a local government election to complete an online induction. The induction should take no longer than one hour to complete.When you fill in your nomination form you will be asked to declare that you have completed the online induction. It is an offence to make false or misleading statements on the nomination form.

Once you have completed your induction, please fill in your details and register your completion. Please make sure you press the registration button at the end or your completion will not be registered. You should receive an email confirming you have completed the induction. Please keep this for your own records.

Disclosure of electoral gifts

Both candidates and donors are required to disclose information about any electoral related gift with a value of $200.00 or more that is given or promised within the disclosure period. It is essential that candidates are aware of this legislative requirement and should advise donors of their reporting responsibilities.

All disclosures are to be made on a LG09A Disclosure of Gifts form and delivered to the City of Subiaco Chief Executive Officer within three days of receiving the gift, once the candidate nomination has been made to the Returning Officer.

Donors will also need to disclose any gifts made within the relevant period. Information to be supplied includes the name of the candidate, the name and address of the donor, the date the gift was promised or received, the value of the gift and a description of the gift.

Dowload LG09A Disclosure of Gifts form.

Candidate information session

If you’re planning on nominating for Council, you are encouraged to attend the prospective candidate information session for the western suburbs. This session will enable prospective candidates to gain more information on the local government elections process and the expectation of councillors. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.
The evening will feature a presentation by the Western Australian Electoral Commission and Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA).

Event details

Wednesday 14 August , 7pm to 8.30pm
The Grove Community Centre, 1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove
If you wish to attend please register your attendance by contacting Nicole Ceric, Executive Assistant to CEO & Mayor at the City of Nedlands via 9273 3500 or email