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Corporate registers

Gifts Register

The Gifts Register contains disclosures of gifts that have been made by Elected Members, the Chief Executive Officer and Employees in their official capacity.

Elected Members and the Chief Executive Officer are required to disclose gifts which are valued over $300 or are two or more gifts with a cumulative value over $300 (where the gifts are received from the same donor in a 12-month period) within ten days of receipt (sections 5.87A and 5.87B of the Local Government Act 1995).

Employees are required to disclose gifts that are valued between $50 and $300 or are two or more gifts with a cumulative value between $50 and $300 (where gifts are received from the same donor in a six-month period) within ten days of receipt. Gifts over the value of $300 are prohibited (regulation 34B of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996). A gift valued below $50 may be accepted and need not be disclosed (providing the gift is not one of two or more gifts given by the same donor within a six-month period whereby the total value exceeds $50). 

Download the latest copy of the City's Gifts Register (718KB)

Electoral Gifts Register

During elections, candidates and donors are required to disclose the receipt or donation (as the case requires) of a gift during an election period where the gift is worth more than $200. Details of these gifts are kept in a register, which is maintained by the City.

Should a candidate be successful in their election, the gift will remain on the Electoral Gifts register until their term of office has expired. If a candidate is not successful in their election, the gift disclosure will be removed from the Electoral Gifts register after the election date.

Download the latest copy of the City's Electoral Gifts Register (205KB)

Complaints Register 

If someone lodges a complaint against a Council member alleging they have breached a provision of the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007, that complaint is required to be submitted to the Local Government Standards Panel. The Panel then determines whether the alleged breach occurred or not.

If the Panel finds that a breach did occur, the City of Subiaco is required to insert details of the complaint and breach into a Complaints Register. 

Download the latest copy of the City's Complaints Register (203kB)

Tenders Register

The Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996 requires a local government to call public tenders when the local government wishes to procure goods and services where the value is, or is expected to be, over $250,000. Local governments are also required to keep a register of all tenders that it has called. 

The below table contains details of the City's tenders, and includes links to view the register entries of the corresponding tender.

Tender No. Tender Title
A/4955 Supply and Delivery of One Road Sweeper
A/5117 Replacement of Timber Decking at Subiaco Common
A/5213 Depot Waste Collection and Disposal Services
A/5229 Weed and Pest Control
A/5201 Graffiti Removal Services
A/5246 Pressure Cleaning of Paving and Associated Infrastructure
A/5291 Council Chambers and Lunch Room Fit Out
A/5292 Receiving and Processing of the City's Kerbside Co-Mingled Recycling
A/5321 Routine Maintenance of Iron Filtration Plants
A/5324 Supply of Irrigation, Sprinklers and PVC Parts
A/5058 Relocation of Existing Offices within an Industrial Warehouse
A/4988 E H Parker Library Refurbishment
A/5277 Servicing and Repairs of Heavy Vehicles and Major Plant 2019
A/5276 Supply and Delivery of Mobile Fuel
A/5323 Bore and Pump Maintenance
A/5377 Churchill Avenue Car Park Upgrade
A/5354 Non Chemical Weed Control
A/5367 Admin on Bishop - Office Refurbishment
A/5381 Supply, Lease and Finance Indoor Bikes for Lords Recreation Centre
A/5483 Line Marking Services
A/5519 Supply of New Irrigation Controller Hardware and Software Support
A/5643 Drainage Works at Various Locations
A/5580 Supply and Installation of Loose Office Furniture
A/5232 Supply and Install a New Irrigation System at Rosalie Park
A/5647 Supply, Delivery and Servicing of Solar Compactor Bins
A/5515 Supply and Placement of Asphalt and Profiling
A/5700 Receival and Processing of Kerbside Co-Mingled Recycling
A/5585 Redevelopment of the City of Subiaco Website
A/5594 Provision of Buildings and Facilities Plumbing Services
A/5532 Drainage Infrastructure Maintenance
A/5777 Stormwater Drainage Eduction and Jetting Services
A/5382 Lords Recreation Centre - Court Netting Replacement
A/5034 Two-Way Replacement and Airtime
A/5778 Street Light and Park Light Maintenance
A/5785 Hamilton Street/Subiaco Road Roundabout
A/5948 Supply and Installation of Street Lighting Upgrade at Various Locations
A/6042 Churchill Avenue Temporary Pop Up Park and Activation Program
A/5998 Stormwater Drainage Improvements
A/5993 Storage Upgrade 2020
A/5897 Provision of Building and Facilties Electrical Services
A/5952 Provision of Internal Auditing Services
A/6101 Provision of Sweeping Services
A/6056 Lords Strength Equipment Upgrade
A/6060 Supply and Install LED Lighting Systems at Market Square
A/6220 Supply and Install a New Irrigation System at Nicholson Road Reserve
A/5285 Investment Property Management Services
A/6210 Concrete Path Works including Kerbing and Other Miscellaneous Works
A/6217 Parking Machine Maintenance Services and Parking Machine Supply
A/6070 Seddon Street Public Realm Upgrade - Concept, Design Development and Costing
A/6221 Construction of the New Mixed Use Sporting Facility at Rosalie Park
A/6214 Drilling and Construction of Superficial Bores within City of Subiaco
A/6138 Provision of Cleaning Services and Consumables
A/6215 Coordination of the Sunset@Subi Concert Series
A/6263 Subiaco Public Realm Christmas Decorations
A/6107 Supply and Installation of New LED Floodlighting at Rosalie Park
A/6297 See Subiaco Event April 2022
A/6277 2 Upham Street, Subiaco - Demolition of Improvements
A/6270 Tree Pruning Services
A/5471 Aboriginal Consultant - Reconciliation Action Plan
A/6342 Cash Collection and Banking
A/6354 Street Light and Park Light Maintenance Services